An innovative construction system with at least 10 advantages

  • Flexible generation building
  • Suitable for office and/or residential use
  • Suitable from one family house up to multi-storey social housing
  • Flexible system: easily adaptable and expandable units
  • Separate external entrance for all units, as required
  • Adaptable floors with internal staircase
  • Interchangeable plumbed rooms for kitchen/bathroom/washroom application
  • Despite the given systematic, there is scope for individual architectural realisation
  • Feasible with any construction material or energy standard
  • Barrier-free version is possible

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Flexibility – Adaptability – Sustainability

The flexibility creates an individual quality for the place and the user!

To create a space-saving, flexible, sustainable, energy-efficient, recource- and environmental-conscious housing will be for sure an increasing challenge for the future and the next generation.

Nowadays, it is unimaginable that multiple generations live together under one roof, using the same front door and kitchen. Be able to adjust living and working room to the needs of the different periods of life would be desired.

With this innovative and flexible building system is this realisable. Moreover, instead of leaving unutilized units empty, they can also be let: It is so good suitable from one family house up to multi-storey social housing and also as promising store of value with a future.


First realisation approaches

Where does todaytomorrow come from?