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Construction period – faster than a speeding bullet!

Excavation before Easter, shell in three days, completely finished from the outside in June, terraces and floors in summer, doors and furniture in autumn!

Even though it doesn’t look like it, the first „todaytomorroy“ is completely made of timber and a real „energy-revolution-house”.

In detail:

  • Realisation: Four units and a beautiful apartment with terrace
  • Net Floor Area: total 290 m² plus 150 m² terrace, balcony, pergola and storage rooms
  • Outer shell: Intelligent timber frame construction with upgraded insulation included
  • Load bearing walls and ceilings: CLT or dry construction planked with gypsum fibre boards
  • U-Value: 0,08 W/m²K, 0,09 W/m²K
  • Heating demand: 10 kWh/m²a
  • Reduction of heating energy demand according to the Austrian OIB standard: 13.050 kWh/a or 5,65 tons of CO2 , which equals 31.000 car-driven car kilometres.

“todaytomorrow” is a construction system that can be realized with every construction material and energy standard.

Did we spark your interest or do you have further questions?

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The first building based on “todaytomorrow” already exists in Carinthia (Austria). 


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Photo: (C) “heutemorgen” / PR-Schlacher / Eurobuild / ah3 / Kelag / Waschnig